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Photo introduction page

**Here-are-the-unprecedented-paramount-insights-of-scientist-shawn-cullen-Proof-of-scandal-Proof-shawns-subsection-6-rights-were-sabotaged-and-falsely-maliciously-prosecuted-falsely-branded-labeled-betrayed-persecuted **

The first part is a introduction on disinformation and misinformation = THE REST IS ON SHAWN G. CULLEN PERFECTLY ADDRESSING JUDGE AND FORCED PROCEEDING = FURTHER PARAMOUNT PROOF !!! 2020

Scroll down to see part 7, latest threat at my life !!!

Paramount Creative Intro to Conspiracy and Scandal to falsely brand and label to hide me away to bury my knowledge and free speech – Black Eyes – 2020 -New Year –

Part 1 audio of Conspiracy and Scandal to falsely brand and label to hide me away to bury my life, knowledge and free speech – Black Eyes and Earliest Bail Scandal Proof -2020 -New Year –

**Part 2 audio of Conspiracy and Scandal **to falsely brand and label to hide me away to bury my knowledge and free speech – Paramount Oct 22nd 2015 Proof of Systematic Conspiracy to falsely brand and label -2020 -New Year –

Part 3 audio of Conspiracy and Scandal to falsely brand and label to hide me away to bury my knowledge and free speech – Remand Suicide Aura, Medical Crimes, Bathroom, telephone, (terrorism) 2020 -New Year –

Part 4 audio of Conspiracy and Scandal – First time I got bail was Homeless and Hunted

Part 5 audio of Conspiracy and Scandal = after getting free from forced phony trial, abducted to ‘attempt’ to stop campaign.

**Part 6 audio of Conspiracy and Scandal = Shawn speaks to lawyer, lies, false labeling, false brand, Detective Perjury, Powerfull Proofs points said in court, **

Paramount Audio Proof of Ontario Child Advocate office Conspiracy, fitting with Part 6 of Conspiracy and Scandal

**LATEST THREAT AT MY LIFE = Part 7 of Conspiracy and Scandal **to false brand and lable to hide me away to bury my knowledge and free speech – 2020 New Year

Right here Shawn gives perfect proofs which prove persons running systems are attracted to youth and that they legalized youth porn in Alberta and Canada. How can any see this proof and call Shawn a liar or act as if he is a liar, if they their self are not a cursed liar or totally mad ???

**Added pdf proof **

Here is paramount proof by Shawn’s own lawyer;

Man who works for CBC who said Shawn Cullen is the one with the answers to change the world, on sick leave …


MESSAGE TO SATANISTS AND TO SHAWN’S ADVERSARIES Shawn speaks to scriptures, false belief in Aliens, speaks of supernatural signs. Shawn says;

Shawn reveals a sense of humor and exposes mad psychiatric corruption by psychiatric persons protecting a market of material and state involved family nudism

City supporters of Shawn Cullen respond to the exposed scandal;

Shawn boldly tells the police what the reality is;

People are not getting anywhere because they are not standing with me, Support and re-post, and in time see things change, otherwise you will never really give system corruption a reason to fear !!!

Hypocrites will not admit to truth because their innermost subconscious guilt suspects that if they reverse their course they curse their course !!! I might fight by myself but I am blessed to cry from the passion of having to !!! I have given every needed, good faith word of knowledge and sign, therefore all language that appears in any way otherwise, is not other than cursed peripheries.

Each link is precious and paramount, Please do not underestimate what is posted here, which is of greatest public interest and business of everyone ; I have faced great danger to get this to you, so do not leave me supportless. I have endured being one of the most tortured, threatened and misrepresented citizens in Canadian history !

I am loving but I will not be mocked! Violently and illegally stupid people turn and coddle into cognitive dissonance and daintily back-pedal into personal incredulity, which is a unseeming nature that invites any or every air of evil that wants to block or act as a stumbling block to the truths I have raised and resurrected for international and public security.

In a one minute rhyme Shawn re-writes the constitution as he gives a long forgotten but resurrected rule of law.

Here is a written version of Shawn’s report

Here is a key public interest report and victim statement by Shawn, which reports that Edmonton Remand guards admitted their facility is run by a number of murderers that are sexual child predators, (run by these persons in the name of corrections Canada). Shawn says this is not a theory but is a great matter that must not be kept a secret.

The twitter world needs to wake up ;

Watch for this, which is a latest conspiracy to threaten Shawn and his liberties. If people do not hear from Shawn you need to make noise !!!

Shawn Cullen EXPOSES FALSE Christianity and false Christians in Alberta;


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